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Genshin Impact The Day of Destiny Set Vol 5-6

Genshin Impact The Day of Destiny Set Vol 5-6

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Dimension & Specifications

01 Badge
Size: Diameter about 2.28 inch
Material: Tinplate
Carft: Metallic Fill+Gilded

02 Card Board
Size: About 5.91*5.91 inch
Material: Phnom Penh Cardboard
Carft: Standable Bracket

03 Letter Set (Included: Birthday Letter*1, Sticker*1)
Envelope Size: 4.33*6.30 inch
Envelope Material: 7.05 oz Cardbord
Envelope Craft: Metallic Fill+Gilded or Silver-plated
Letter Size: 5.82*7.95 inch
Letter Material: 2.82 oz White Kraft Paper
Letter Craft: Color printing
Sticker Size: 4.25*2.95 inch
Sticker Craft: PVC Color printing

Vol 5 Character:
- Kamisato Ayaka
- Albedo
- Xingqiu
- Xinyan
- Sayu

Material & Craft


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