2022 Halloween Nite

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Event Time & Location

Location: Arizona State University, Student Pavilion, 1st Floor Senita Ballroom

Address: 400 E Orange St., Tempe, AZ 85287

Event Date: Oct 30, 2022, Sunday

Event Time: 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

  • Pink Hue



  • afishplanet

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  • Rose.petal.pink



  • Rogue Duck Studios



  • Quicksilver_Rain




  • Fresh Doodlez



  • ACG Go Anime

    Instagram: @acggo
    Twitter: @acg_go
    Facebook: @ACG Go Anime

    TikTok: @ACGGoAnime

  • Ganbatte Pop-up

    Instagram: @ganbattepopup

  • kopimart


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  • Fun-Fun Student Organization (Host)

    The purpose of this organization is to improve international students’ experiences of living in Arizona by promoting a positive lifestyle and providing guidance for students to utilize campus resources and engage in off-campus activities. Our club also aims to enhance the intercultural awareness of ASU community by celebrating and sharing modern Asian cultures.

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  • Coalition of International Students (Co-Host)

    The Coalition of International Students (CIS) is a student-led umbrella organization that aims to promote and celebrate diversity,culture, andengagementamong all international student organizations as well as students from countries around the globe.
    CIS' signature events include International Night, Glo-ball Night, the Welcome Carnival, and monthly Town Halls. Join CIS to immerse yourself in various cultures and languages while fostering an inclusive global environment on-campus!

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  • Anime Avalon (Co-Host)

    Anime Avalon is dedicated to providing an anime viewing experience like none other. Meetings consist primarily of watching and critiquing anime as well as meeting other ASU students with similar interests. This is complemented with discussions covering the bases of all things anime: from understanding its history, to learning its achievements. Discussions and analyses before and after the viewing of these productions will result in a better appreciation for Japanese animation. And because anime is best experienced among friends, Anime Avalon meetings will hosting frequent socials, gaming nights, drawing nights and much more depending on the group's interest!

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  • Japanese Student Association (Co-Host)

    The Japanese Student Association at ASU provides Japanese International students, Japanese exchange students, and other related parties with social support, information pertaining to career opportunities and pursuing further higher education, as well as opportunities to network with fellow ASU students. JSA holds monthly events throughout both Fall and Spring semesters, and encourages students who may be interested in joining our organization to check out our social media accounts at www.instagram.com/jsa.asu/ , www.facebook.com/jsaatasu/ or email us at jsa.asu@gmail.com.

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  • Anime Weekly! (Co-Host)

    Anime Weekly! is a weekly club that can easily be described as a anime book club. we cover a wide variety of anime and try to go as in-depth as possible while discussing them. by attending meetings you not only get to discuss with the club, but also get a say in what we watch next.

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  • Ganbatte Pop-up (Sponsor)

    Ganbatte popup is a passion project and dream/goal that have is to stave off the wants of going to Akihabara and visit Japan to be the ultimate Weeb/Otaku experience. So in a way we tried to bring some of that feeling here and provide a more frequent event for those of the anime/Japanese fandom and share it with others from vendors to attendees!

    The word-play on Ganbatte is that it has been our personal slang saying "good luck" and wishing each other do you their best. This is what we do, always do our best for good luck! 

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  • ACG Go Anime (Sponsor)

    A place to shop for Anime & Game official figurines and collectibles, PLUS enjoy authentic Asian food and bubble tea.

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Invited Cosplayer List

Nicole Goodman


Amanda Edwards

Lili Soto

Caden Bradford


Zorua Maximum





Christian Scrooc

Drea / Z