Wholesale Service

Application Form

Submit the application today to become a distributor of ACG Go Anime.

When your application get approved, you can create a wholesale account for your business, and earn access to our wholesale catalog.

Wholesale Service

Taxation Procedures & Regulations

Why do you need to follow the Taxation Procedures & Regulations?

As a business operating in the state of Arizona, we are now offering wholesale services to customers both within and outside of our state. In terms of taxation, we must establish specific procedures and collect necessary documentation and tax forms.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Application Form online (https://acg-go.com/wholesale)
  2. Upload a Legal & Valid Sales/Tax Permit
  3. Upload the Resale Certificate
  4. Wait for our wholesale specialist to review your application form and materials in 2-5 business days

Contact Information

Please email to business@acg-go.com (ACG Go Business Development) if you have any questions about our wholesale business.

Please email to choikas@acg-go.com (Jassy Choi) if you have any questions about the application process.