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  • Scavenger Hunt

    Find our NPCs, complete QUESTS and collect STAMPS to win big prizes 🎁

  • Fanmade Genshin Impact Merch Giveaways

    Purchase over $38 can get a Fanmade Genshin Merch (Unlimited while stocks last).

  • Official Genshin Freebie Giveaways

    Purchase over $88 and wins an official Genshin freebie (Unlimited while stocks last).

  • Genshin Impact TAITO Kuji Set is Back!

    2nd Set of Genshin Impact TAITO Kuji Starts from 2:00 PM!

  • Hidden Quests

    Find and complete the hidden quests for rewards and gifts ✨

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  • Genshin Impact Themed Photo Booth

  • Genshin Impact Guest Cosplayers

  • Guzheng Live Music: Genshin Impact Soundtrack

  • Vendors / Artists

  • Halloween Sale: Trick or Treat Series Official MD 20% OFF

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  • @Shiroguard

    Co-Host & Guest Cosplayer

    len✧ he/him
    Socal+Az | cosplayer | twin | 21

  • @zorua.maximum

    Guest Cosplayer

    Zorua~ 💕 she/they

    Public figureAZ/CA♑️♏️♋️ | INTJ

  • @strawbellie_cos

    Guest Cosplayer


    Strawbellie she/her

  • @saltedcat

    Guest Cosplayer


    Bre she/her

    🎮 Twitch Streamer 🧚🏻‍♀️ Cosplayer 🌼

  • @j_adonis_y

    Guest Cosplayer


    Yuyan Jiang

    Fashion ModelArizona 🔥21

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Julia Zhuang

Guzheng Sololist · Guest Performer

* Asia International Arts Festival best performance
* China Nationalities Orchestra Society grade 10 certificate
* Member of Asian Young Musician Associate

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  • Kazpurin

    Home of the Bald Genshin

    Chongyun Main

    Etsy Shop 
  • scribblenib

    Lvl. 23 ♐ Chinese-American
    🎨 Aspiring pin maker & illustrator 🖌

    Etsy shop ✧ Twitch channel & More 
  • Fresh Doodlez

    Since '97🏀Commissions Open 🎨

    Glass, Canvas and Prints ❤️

    Mercari Shop 
  • skradio (collab with boyoishere)

    skradio + boyoishere art collaborative team

    Twitter/Instagram @s_kradio

    Big Cartel Shop 
  • boyoishere (collab with skredio)

    skradio + boyoishere art collaborative team

    Boyo | 鮑魚 he/him

    Etsy Shop 
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Special Event

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Find our NPCs, complete the QUESTS and collect the STAMPS! Hint: →

Farm the Quests

* NPCs will come during different times of the day, so keep an eye out for them! (hint: higher chance to catch them all during the middle)

Draw & Prize

* Collect 4 stamps = enters the draw to win Official Art Book vol.1 or Trick or Treat series MD

Official Genshin Freebie

Collect 6 stamps = enters the draw + get an official Genshin Impact freebie

Lucky Draw Rule

Each person can only draw ONCE.