Cosplay Contest Sign Up

Sign up for our Cosplay Contest ahead of time to help us organize our contestants. We will be having two categories fo rthe contest: Handmade and Non-Handmade.

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Vendor Sign-Up

Sign up to a vendor at Luffy's Birthday Bash. Vendors will be set up at the Zen☆Zen Dojo Shaded Patio Area. Only 4 spots available!

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Stamp Rally

Participate in our stap rally! We have lots of fun games and activities set up across all three stores. Earn stamps by playing games and voting in the cosplay contest and receive a prize bag after collecting 5 stamps!

Stamp Rally Prize Bag Contents

Collect 5 stamps to receive one of our prize bags! Only 75 bags available for whoever can collect the stamps fastest! Get the chance to get some exclusive One Piece Merch and ACG Anime Party x One Piece goodies!

Cosplay Contest Information

Important Times

Important Times:

Event time: 12:00pm - 6:00pm (Saturday May 4th)

Entry time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm (Saturday May 4th)

Voting time: 2:15pm - 5:15pm (Saturday May 4th)

Announcement time: After 5:15pm when votes have been counted. (Saturday May 4th)

Theme /Dress Code/ Format

Theme: One Piece

Dress Code: Please keep your cosplays age appropriate for this event. This is an all ages event so please keep that in mind.

Contest Format: Contestants will be divided into handmade and non-handmade categories. During the entry period we will be taking photos of all contestants by the ACG Go Retail Store. We will then divide photos according to the handmade and non-handmade categories and add the photos to poster boards where people attending the event can vote by placing a sticker by the photo of their favorite cosplay. Everyone will be able to vote for both handmade and non-handmade categories. We will do a final call for voting then tally the votes and announce the winners. There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners for both categories. The voting boards will be hung up in the ACG GO store by the Information Center where you can get the stickers to vote. Cosplayers who enter the contest will unfortunately be unable to vote in the contest in the interest of making things fair.


Prizes: All participants will receive a participation prize as a thanks for joining our cosplay contest. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners for both categories will receive gift cards to use at our 3 stores with varying values. You are not required to stay at the event till the announcement time but winners till need to pickup their prizes at a later date. We will also be posting the winners on our social media so keep an eye out if you do leave the event prior to announcements.


Sign Up: On the day of the event please come to the Information Center located in the ACG Go store to officially register for the contest. The RSVP form online does not guarantee your entry if you arrive late, it just helps us better prepare for the event. At the Information Center we will get your contact information and information about your cosplay. If you've already filled out the online RSVP form and that information is still correct then we can use the information provided on the form to speed things up.  Afterwards you will go take your entry photo and you're all good to go! Make sure to get your stamp card and stamp for participating.

Cosplay Contest Prize

Cosplay Contest Participants and Winners will be receiving prizes!

  • Orange Sunshine

  • All Sunday

  • Marimo Matcha

  • All Blue

  • Suuuperr Cola

  • Monkey D. Drumstick

  • Three Brothers Onigiri

  • Mugiwara Bento

  • Born to Boil

  • Sanji's Fried Rice

  • First Sun of the Sea

  • Soul Solid Cake

  • Rumble Ball

  • Exclusive Photocards!