Miku Expo Ticket Raffle✨

Get the chance to win 2 VIP Suite tickets to Miku Expo at Mullet Arena on 04/14/2024 by participating in the raffle.

The base value of the VIP Suite ticket is $200. Get the chance to win 2 tickets through the raffle.

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Raffle Participation Guide

Participate in the raffle by making purchases in-store or online!

Make a purchase worth total $75 for the 1 entry into the raffle.

Make a purchase worth total $125 for 2 entries into the raffle.

Make a purchase worth total $155 for 3 entries into the raffle.

Any additional entires will be accepted for every $30 added to the total amount.

Miku Expo Raffle Rules

Miku Expo Raffle Rules

  • These tickets are for the Miku Expo concert on April 14th at the Mullet Arena in Tempe, Arizona.
  • There will be one winner for the raffle and the winner will receive 2 tickets.
  • The tickets will be for 2 seats in a VIP Lounge in Mullet Arena, included with these tickets is food and drink provided by the venue during the concert, and 2 valuable promotion packs.
    • The promotion pack includes: Official Vocaloid Merchandise, ACG Go Concert Memorabilia (Light stick, Himeko fan, Himeko Clear bag), and tickets to the Ganbatte Mini Con
  • Orders online and in-store qualify for entry into the raffle
    • Any orders placed prior to the start date for the raffle will not qualify for entries.
  • To officially confirm your entry into the raffle you must check in with us on the day of our event, April 13th.
    • You are not required to stay at the event until the raffle announcement, you just must check in with us on the day of the event to confirm your availability to go to the concert so the tickets don't go to waste.
  • You can accumulate multiple entries based on your order total with a max entry count of 10.
    • Online pre-orders still qualify however the amount of entries from the order will be based on the amount of the order paid.
      • For example: You place a $200 pre-order and you pay $100 for the deposit, you will only receive 1 entry.
      • If you wish to pay for your order in full to gain more entries please contact us to send you an invoice for the remaining balance on the order.
      • If you have multiple orders (placed after the raffle start date) that you wish to combine the total of for more entries, you MUST contact us, we will not be combining orders automatically.
    • To enter online, please add the product listing for the Miku Expo Raffle Entry to your order so we can add you to the raffle.
      • Online entries close at April 13th 12:00pm MST
    • To enter in-store, please remind the cashier about your desire to enter the raffle in the event that they forget and we will add the product listing to your cart.
      • In-store entries close at April 14th 4:00pm MST
    • Please do not try to enter the raffle by adding the product listing to your cart even though you do not have a qualifying purchase amount, we will be verifying.
    • If the winner of the contest previously purchased Miku Expo tickets from ACG Go, they will NOT be eligible for a refund on their previous order.
    • We will randomly pick the winner on April 13th 4:30 MST where we will then contact the winner. If the winner does not get back to us by 5:30 MST on the same day, we will be forced to draw a new winner to ensure no tickets go to waste.
      • Please keep an eye out for any calls, texts, emails, or Instagram updates from ACG Go to ensure you don't possibly miss out on your prize.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please contact us we will be happy to answer! Please look forward to our Miku Popup on April 13th, we hope you enjoy the event!