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Bilibili Kuji Jujutsu Kaisen Immediately Battle

Bilibili Kuji Jujutsu Kaisen Immediately Battle

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Material & Craft

Prize A/B/C/D: Polyester
Prize E: Tarpaulin
Prize F: Flannel
Prize G: Polyester
Prize H: Tinplate
Prize I/J: Acrylic
Prize K: Card
Prize Last: Polyester

Dimension & Specifications

Prize A: Yuji Itadori Plush Toy
Prize B: Megumi Fushiguro Plush Toy
Prize C: Nobara Kugisaki Plush Toy
Prize D: Satoru Gojo Plush Toy
Prize E: Umbrella
Prize F: Blanket
Prize G: Plush (Mystery Box)
Prize H: Metal Badge (Mystery Box)
Prize I: Acrylic Keychain (Mystery Box)
Prize J: Radiant Character Portrait Acrylic Pendant (Mystery Box)
Prize K: Scene Commemorative Collectible Card Set of 3 (Mystery Box)
Prize Last: 100cm Big Scroll

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