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Ichiban Kuji One Piece WT 100 Anniversary

Ichiban Kuji One Piece WT 100 Anniversary

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Material & Craft

PVC, ABS, etc

Dimension & Specifications

A Prize: Big-Scale Illustration Board (W:100cm)
B Prize: Monkey D. Luffy Great Pirate Figure (H: 16cm)
C Prize: Trafalgar D. Water Law Great Pirate Figure (H: 11.5cm)
D Prize: Portgas D. Ace Great Pirate Figure (H: 11cm)
E Prize: Boa Hancock Great Pirate Figure (H: 16cm)
F Prize: Sabo Great Pirate Figure (H: 12cm)
G Prize: Carrot Great Pirate Figure (H: 16cm)
H Prize: Yamato Great Pirate Figure (H: 16cm)
I Prize: Commemorative Plate (Mystery Box) (H:10cm)
J Prize: Shikishi (Mystery Box) (H:27cm)
K Prize: A4 Folder (Set of 2) (A4 size)
LAST ONE Prize: Big Scale Illustration Board Special Color Ver. (W:100cm)

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